Everything you need for your Newborn Session

Bringing a precious bundle of joy into the world is simultaneously one of the most amazing (but also exhausting) times in one’s life. Nevertheless, savouring every moment in the first days of their lives are memories you’ll want to keep forever.

When I started doing Newborn Sessions, I definitely strayed away from the typical “baby in a bucket/baby in a bag” look and feel. I wanted to approach these sessions with simplicity, capturing newborns and their parents in a more natural way and in the comfort of their own homes. Less poses, more candids!

In an effort to make these sessions easy and as stress-free as possible, I created a simple guide that outlines everything you need to consider when it comes to your Newborn Session:


The location

The best setting for your Newborn Session is at home. Your home is a sanctuary that’s unique to your family. It’s your natural habitat where you and the baby are most comfortable and most relaxed, making for the best and most authentic shots. Whether you’re hanging in the nursery, or feeding the baby in your bedroom—it doesn’t get any realer than that. Not to mention, if you have pets it’s easier for them to join the party when sessions are at home.

The shoot can take place anywhere from the master bedroom and the nursery to your living room. Parents spend so much time designing the perfect space for their little ones, so it’s a great opportunity to document the sentimental details of these special rooms.


Minimize clutter

Make sure the rooms you choose are free of clutter so that the focus in every photo is on you and your little one.


Dressing the baby

Like everything in my sessions, I always like to keep things simple with variety. I recommend putting the baby in a cute onesie, but also recommend parents to have outfits on-hand for some shots that showcase those little fingers and toes.

Outfits for Mom + Dad

In light of keeping things comfortable and natural, I always recommend parents to dress in clothes that they would otherwise wear in the privacy of their own home. You can never go wrong with jeans and a tee. If temperatures are colder, opt for a long-sleeve or a sweater and jeans.


Feed the baby before the session

This is a must! Your baby can get sleepy and will be much happier and easier to work with after he or she has been fed.

Room temperature matters

When a baby is in next to no clothing, room temperature matters. Newborns are sensitive, so during the colder months I recommend turning up the heat and in the summer, I suggest turning off the AC—it’s one more step we can take to make sure the baby is comfortable so we can get as many shots as possible.


These sessions should fun, enjoyable and sentimental. I’m confident if you follow this simple guideline, you’ll love anything the lens brings.