Aiden's Big ONE

Cecile first connected with me in April to discuss her sweet little boy Aiden’s first birthday! Upon speaking to her, it was clear that we had the exact same vision in mind when capturing this celebratory milestone.


This session was so much fun for all of us! When planning any shoot, I always like to keep it simple. I’m not one for themes, but this “Wild One” theme was so perfect and fitting for Aiden's Big One. The pops of greenery definitely brought everything together, giving this session both contrast and brightness, which I absolutely love!


Aiden was such a little gem from start to finish! I usually have to work hard for these smiles, but he was just giving them away for free. We added a little light box and toy animals to accent the shoot and enhance the overall theme.


Little Aiden wasn’t too sure of his cake and definitely needed some encouragement from Mom and Dad, which made for some super sweet shots that will hit you right in the feels. However, he definitely had no problem sampling this yummy delight from Le Dolci with his little hands and toy animals!


I'm always one for collaboration, so I must share that this entire shoot could not have been possible without my dear friend Elizabeth (@somersette). She is the creative mastermind responsible for all of the details and bringing this entire concept to life!